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Welcome to the Nexi consulting blog posts

Below we share a diverse collection of articles and musings that are focused on the work we do.

Could AI be the next new member of your team? Through a case study, explore AI’s potential role in boosting team efficiency with practical strategies to streamline tasks and enhance productivity.

Life is full of contradictory tensions, especially in the work place. How often do you find yourself torn in multiple directions?

I throw out a challenge that if you want to change behaviours, start by looking at the systems and structures that drive those behaviours.

I share my experience of how improvisation and the gestalt principles can improve organisation effectiveness.

Improv only works when the performers function as a high performing team and the conditions exist for success.

During the life of a project so much new knowledge is created. Successful teams take time to harvest this and share with others.

A Team Mid Point Review is a crucial moment. It is when a team is able to get back on track and ensure successful delivery

Tensions between teams can have a detrimental impact on business performance. Read about one way how you can overcome these.

We all know when our team is not performing as well as it needs to. But do we mean by team effectiveness and how do we measure it? We explore these questions in this blog.

Changes in context can have a huge impact on a team. This can require a team needing to revisit its work, ways of working and impact.

A new team leader joining a team is a moment that matters in the life of any team. We look at an example of how we helped such a team and leader.

A project team kickoff is a key moment that matters for the team. We share some tips on how to make your kick off successful.

As facilitators, we are tasked with creating safe spaces. What is a safe space and what lessons have I learned during my career?

The ‘pre thinking’ done by a leader is the most critical moment when a new team is formed.

The ‘pre thinking’ done by a leader is the most critical moment when a new team is formed.

I have been accused of being too rational when it comes to building trust in teams. Read on and let me know what you think.

Life is full of contradictory tensions, especially in the work place. How often do you find yourself torn in multiple directions?

Every Tuesday night I get to experience pure psychological safety, on a stage!

In this video I look at the link between psychological safety and teams and how well designed teams can contribute to creating psychological safe workplaces.

Building trust within teams is possible when you take time to design your team properly. It is not just about jumping out planes.

Creating conditions that allows people to make choices that impacts their work can lead to success beyond expectations.

Using the wrong assessment or diagnostic tool, or using them incorrectly, can do more harm than good for the individuals and teams we are supposed to be helping.

Many organisations suffer from the ‘Not Invented Here’ syndrome. Rather than focus on impact, people focus on unnecessary creativity.

So you think you know what works in Executive Coaching. I thought I knew....

Successful Organsiation Design requires discipline to follow a well proven approach.

What have you experienced working virtually?

How has personality influenced our response to Covid-19?
The evidence is in. Collaboration makes a financial difference!

Being knowledgable is not the same as being an expert, a term that I try and avoid.

There is a belief that improving team performance should start with the "soft stuff" and that it is the role of HR to do that 'soft and fluffy stuff'.

Here we present a simple model for looking at behaviours.

Despite all teams being unique, it is often hard for leaders to articulate exactly why their team is special.
These are crazy times we are living in, and yet clarity, direction and team goal setting makes life easier.

It feels good to collaborate, but can you have too much of a good thing and over collaborate?

There is a common practice when coaching teams to maintain the confidentiality of any one to one interviews. But does this really serve the team well?

Welcome to the Nexi Consulting Blog posts. We hope you enjoy reading Nexi Consulting Blog posts.

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