every now and then we all need a little boost

How are you feeling today?

How is your team feeling today?

If the research is anything to go by, probably fatigued, possibly stressed and feeling dislocated from your colleagues and team. Given the challenges that Covid-19 has presented, including the need to work more remotely, this is normal. We all thought Covid-19 would be over by now…but unfortunately it is not.

Many leaders, and their teams, continue to feel ill-equipped and left grappling with adapting to new ways of working. And even though, slowly, we are returning to some form of (new) normal, now is the time for a team boost.

the power of team identity

Every team is unique and needs to respond to their changing circumstances. What is common is that strengthening team identity and purpose has a direct link to engagement and team performance. It also has a positive impact on well being, resilience & job satisfaction.

Further, teams coming together to turn long term uncertainty into short term certainty, creating a sense of security in relation to each other and being clear on expectations of each other also perform better.

The challenge is maintaining, better still strengthening, our sense of identity of team identity whilst forced to work remotely and struggling with the pressures of a Covid-19 world.

The Team Boost virtual workshops enables your team to:

  • realign around your team purpose
  • prioritise individual & team deliverables
  • agree team norms and ways of working
  • supporting team growth and development.

This programme specifically targets the team level as that is where work is planned, organised and carried out, where direct emotional support is provided and where corporate policies need to be put into action.

These are uncertain times requiring open, honest, sometimes tough, and always supportive conversations. Through these workshops, you will be supported by skilled and experienced team coaches / facilitators who will harness the wisdom and resources of the team. We also encourage partnering with your internal HR or OD teams.

team boost process

By its nature, a Team Boost needs to be focused, fast paced and fun. That is why we keep things moving over a short period of time. A team survey is used to determine needs and learn from successes of the last few months. Over a period of two weeks, the team participates in three short (2-hour), highly interactive workshops will allow you to reflect, prioritise & focus and re-establish how you work together.

  • Team Survey

    Your team is asked to complete a short team survey that gives voice to individual experience and quickly identifies personal team needs.

  • Team Webinar 1: Heart

    Reconnect and reflect on what we have learned & experienced over the last few months. Identify immediate needs andactions for success.

  • Team Webinar 2: Head

    What is the work that we need to give priority to in the short & mid-term making sure this isaligned with our team purpose?

  • Team Webinar 3: Hands

    How will we work together? What are our new team norms, expectations and agreed ways of working?

  • Team Mural Report

    A detailed team Mural that captures the work of the team, actions to take forward and is a strong platform for team growth and commitment.

The price per team for Team Boost is €3,950. Discounts are available for multiple teams.

If you are in North America, please reach out to our partner:  Transcend

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