are we ready for hybrid workING

Microsoft recently published a fascinating article on the impact of hybrid working during Covid-19.  They mined their data to see what the impact of working from home has been on meeting frequency, duration and usage of digital technology. 

The study found the following trends:

  1. Flexible work is here to stay
  2. Leaders are out of touch with employees and need a wake up call
  3. High productivity is masking an exhausted workforce
  4. Gen Z is at risk and will need to be re-energised
  5. Shrinking networks are endangering innovation
  6. Authenticity will spur productivity
  7. Talent is everywhere in a hybrid world


some of my own reflections of the last few months?

The work of teams has been deconstructed into smaller tasks that require less interdependency. Rather, pieces of work are done individually & then people are coming together in an attempt to stick the pieces together. Previously we would have grabbed a meeting room, or a coffee, or both, and worked the challenge together.

Despite the tech, workload has increased resulting in people being less available for adhoc online connections; let alone a phone call out of the blue! The insidious back-to-back 45min video calls also allow minimal time for what Kahneman refers to as slow thinking.

Finally, I’ve found it harder to network & build client connections creating opportunities to explore how I might be able to support a team or leader. I lost the value that comes from simply walking around a client’s office, noticing what was around & how this reflected the culture. I’ve not been able to strike up adhoc conversations that may result in future work.

Curious what you have noticed and experienced during this period, and your thoughts on hybrid working. 

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