What is organisation development

Organizational development can be defined as an objective-based methodology used to initiate a change of systems in an entity. An Organisation Development (OD) approach helps strengthen your overall performance and ensures future adaptability. To deal with these challenges it is important to have a whole system view of your environment and recognise how the various pieces influence each other.

At its heart, Organisation Development is the work of facilitating organisation success through a people centred approach. At its best, it is highly engaging, participative and can create a virtuous cycle of learning and development

  • OD focuses on maximising the value gained from the organisation’s resources

  • OD focuses on an organisation’s strategy, goals and core purpose

  • OD will involve applying behavioural science knowledge and practice, such as leadership, group dynamics and work design

  • OD is closely related to change management in that many developments would be implemented using change management practices

When bringing an OD lens to our work, it is important to look at all aspects of an organisation system and how they inter relate and impact on each other.


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