Team Performance

We are all social beings. We desire both individuality and a need to belong. We are at a our happiest when connected with those around us, whether family, friends or colleagues. Our ability to remain safe or to solve complex challenges and make a positive difference to the world around us relies on our ability to work together. Research shows that individual performance is far more dependent on the team environment than had previously been thought. Nearly half of teams reviewed indicated that there are important issues to discuss which are hidden due to inhibition or lack of trust.*

Recall when you were part of a great team. When we are, we feel energised, inspired and we are surprised by what we achieve. That is why we at Nexi believe, now more than ever, there is a need to give greater attention to the way that individuals, teams and organisations come together. We do this through focused team coaching and skilled facilitation building upon your existing talents and experiences.  By doing so, with purpose, great things can be achieved.

Team coaching enables a team to function beyond the sum of its parts. Team coaching is an extremely powerful way to help teams reflect upon issues that affect their performance and well-being.

Areas where Nexi can help with team coaching and team facilitation help?

Leadership Teams:
Successful organisations and functions need to be led by a effective teams. Senior teams, like other teams, need to assess and reflect on their own performance & impact
Newly formed team:
This is when you can have the greatest impact on the future performance of your teams
Existing Teams:
All teams have an opportunity to improve their performance. This is where it is can be valuable to identify the levers to pull for further success. Even established teams need to reflect & renew as members come & go and as the demands of the team changes.
Project Teams:
Whether only coming together for a short period, working as an ‘agile team’ or part of longer project, the pressures of time, budget and specification are greater. With project teams this creates the need to have everyone involved working as part of the whole rather than as individuals.
Cross Teams:
All teams working within an organization system. We also often belong to more than one team. How these interact and
influence each other can impact overall performance.

And finally it is important to know that we subscribe to and follow the Ashridge Hult Executive Education Code of Conduct for Coaches

* source: Andrew Kakabadse, Henley Business School