Does Your Team Need a “Boost”?

"I have no question that when you have a team, the possibility exists that it will generate magic, producing something extraordinary. But don’t count on it”

Prof. Richard J. Hackman


The start of the year is a great time to renergise ourselves and our teams. However, does it feel as though your team is drifting apart, losing connection and energy? Despite all the technology that is available to us, as a leader are you asking yourself “how can I keep my team safe, focused and energised”?

As we start the 2021 work year, the advice continues to be to maintain physical distance, avoid travel and work from home. And although Covid-19 vaccines have been approved in record time, it will be a while before we all have access to the protection and peace of mind that they offer. The stark reality is that many of us are living in cities or countries that are facing a second or third wave of infections.

Through my coaching and facilitation work, I have been amazed by how teams have adapted and reinvented how they work, finding new ways to stay connected and remain productive.

At the same time many team members are feeling disconnected, isolated and ‘zoomed’ or ‘MS Teamsed‘ out. Further, what I have found is the following:

  • Our sense of community, support and togetherness has dropped away. We have moved from ‘WE’ to ‘ME’.
  • The flurry of activity and busyness of the early months is not sustainable, with fatigue and stress setting in.
  • People are starting to feel (more) disconnected from colleagues and their organisations, despite an increase in corporate level messaging.
  • Team leaders are feeling ill equipped or lack the experience to keep their teams engaged. They are also relying heavily on one to one conversations rather than team based dialogue

Now is the time to give your team a Boost!

January is the perfect time to pause and reconnect, align and then springboard into the new year. To help you achieve this we have developed Team Boost.

Three 2-hour, focused and highly interactive sessions that will ensure you:

  • (Re) connect as a team at an emotional level allowing space to reflect on experiences of the last year.
  • Create clarity & prioritise on what you need to do as a team that really matters, at this moment in time
  • Articulate the support you need from each other and being clear on ways of working going forward
  • Identifying the capabilities, you need to use or develop to be effective now

Get in touch to find out more about Team Boost and how in three short sessions you and your team can be ready for 2021.

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."
--Henry Ford