Our Use of Tools

You and your team are placing an enormous amount of trust in us. It is only natural that when required, we use tools and assessments that are backed by academic research and review. We work with a number of experts in the field to ensure you have access to the right tools for your specific needs. We believe in being selective and choosing the best that are available. 

An example of tools and assessments include:



The Team Diagnostic Survey is a research based assessment that can be used for all teams. Its purpose is to measure the handful of team features that are most consequential for team performance. This includes the 6 conditions that account for up to 80% of team effectiveness. The TDS is the world’s premier team effectiveness instrument developed by renowned Harvard scholar-practitioners Drs. Richard Hackman and  Ruth Wageman.
Hogan Assessments are range of measurements that help individuals understand their strengths and weaknesses and articulate motives, values and preferences. Hogan assessments are peer-reviewed by, amongst others, the  British Psychological Society.
The Team Dynamics Profile (TDP), by Assessing in Action, identifies the roles that people play, the types of language that people use, and the organising mindset that people adopt in low stakes communication, both real-time and virtual. Assessing in Action has a range of other tools that support leadership and organisation development.